Filters and Gaskets

Filters and Gaskets

Our company has a continued commitment to providing the highest quality of filters and gaskets in many different makers and executions.

Cosmosea Marine Services ex stocks a wide range of filters and filter elements thanks to our global network.  Our first priority is to locate and cover every market’s need.

As every special application demands specific construction, we provide filters that are not wide found on the market combing the quality with the most competitive prices.

Dealing with new high-performance lubricants and fuels, today’s heavy-duty filters can be even more powerful engine-maintenance tools. Using high quality filters can exponentially increase engine performance and decrease maintenance cost.

Customers benefit from our experience, our in-depth knowledge of the industry and one-on-one contacts. Cooperating with many manufacturers allows us to supply products of consistent quality while offering competitive pricing as well as fine-tuned delivery.

We offer air intake, lube, coolant and transmission filters for many marine engines, z-drives, generators and compressors. We also offer a wide range of hydraulic filters and accessories for a variety of marine  equipment.

We are always at your disposal to discuss your requirements and to try to provide you with the best possible assistance and solution.