Cosmosea provides marine pump spare parts from the best leading suppliers. We can supply spares from Europe, Korea, China and Japan for every maker and always follow the requirements of our clients.

The wide assortment of pump types produced by each maker requires a staff who has a detailed knowledge and a long experience in such a field, starting from the array of different parts fitted in each pump to the range of many materials used for different purposes.

We take a special care for quality products and we also know that time is precious in this business: that’s why today, thanks to our system, we can easily find the correct spare parts for each required pump type of our range and meet our customers’ needs in a short time.

At Cosmosea our clients can find Various range of spare parts for Centrifugal pumps for fresh water generating, Ejector pumps, Brine pumps, Centrifugal pumps for circulation/central heating, Centrifugal pumps for waste water systems, Centrifugal pumps for cooling, Fresh water pumps etc.

Our Makers

We can supply to your vessel worldwide original OEM or replacement spare parts for the following makers and more

Grundfos, Guinard, Heishin, Herborner, Iron, Leistritz, Merser, Naniwa, PCM, Rickmeier, Samson, Scanpump, Speck Wandrach, Svanehoj, Worthington, ABS, Allweiler, Garbarino, Herborner, JMW, Netzsch PCM, Edur, Girdlestone, Seepex, Bornemann, IMO Grundfos, Comet Marine Pumps, Sulzer, Vogelsang, Thune, Hamworthy, Daito Pump, Kogyo, Ebara, Fujita Seisakusho, Heishin Engineering & Equipment, Heishin Pump Works, Ishii Machinery Works, Kashiwa, Kosaka, Laboratory, Mitsubishi, Naniwa, Bonng Myung, Hanyoung Engineeing, Shin Shin Machiner