Spare Parts

Cylinder Liner

This structural part maintains the pressure in the combustion chamber. It guides the piston and prevents pressure from escaping during the scavenge, compression, expansion and exhaust phases of the combustion cycle.

Piston Crown

The piston crown absorbs the force of the air compression and fuel explosion inside the combustion chamber, driving the piston up and down inside the cylinder liner.

Exhaust Valve Spindle

This part moves up and down inside the exhaust valve, opening and closing to let the exhaust gas in and out.

Exhaust Valve Housing

This part holds the exhaust vale spindle in place and guides its motion.

Pump Barrel Plunger

The pump barrel plunger is attached to the fuel pump housing. Its vertical reciprocating motion keeps the fuel oil at around 800bar pressure.

Piston Ring

The piston rings seal in the gas combusted during the power stroke and create an oil film that lubricates the cylinder liner.

Spindle Guide

This part guides the fuel valve that injects the fuel oil, which has been highly pressurized by the fuel pump, into the combustion chamber.

Exhaust Valve Seat

This part is assembled onto the bottom of the exhaust valve housing and serves as the spindle valve seat.

Puncture Valve

When the shutdown system or stop signal is activated, this part releases the pressurized air in the compression chamber to prevent the fuel from discharging.

Main Bearing

The bearing supports the force generated by the crankshaft journal during combustion.