With extensive experience in this field, we have developed a vast network of partners that specialize in turbochargers of all leading brands.

We supply all makes and models of turbochargers. We provide brand new or reconditioned genuine, OEM and replacement turbochargers at untouchable pricing upon our clients’ requests.

We focus always in competitive prices and best possible delivery time in order to support our customers.

Whether you need a replacement turbocharger as a cost-effective solution or you need turbo reconditioning of a rare make that’s difficult to replace, we can help. We offer a large supply of high quality turbocharger parts to meet your requirements . Below you can find some of the spare parts we can provide and also some of the maker that we can handle through our supply chain.


Spare parts : Complete Turbochargers , Turbine rotors , Coturbompressor wheels , Bearings , Diffusers , Labyrinth rings , Nozzle rings , Turbine blades , Cover rings , L.O Pumps , Casings

Available types of turbochargers: ABB , MITSUBISHI , NAPIER , PBS , GARRETT , MAN , IHI , KBB , HOLSET ,KKK

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